Eating Matters

6 Sizzling Barbecue Swaps

(Family Features) Barbecue, grilling, cookout – no matter what you call it, cooking food over an open flame is practically an American pastime. Few other cuisines have such distinctive regional twists and terminology as this Read More

Eating Matters

The Many Colors of Food

Food in it’s natural form comes in a variety of colors. Each food color has unique properties and tastes. Try eating a rainbow of colors and see how great it is to eat real food. Read More

Eating Matters

Ready, Set, Juice!

No one denies the health benefits of reaching for an emerald glass of kale, apple, and pear juice instead of a sugar-loaded caffeine spike. By juicing, you’re concentrating the raw nutrients of fresh, basic foods Read More

Eating Matters

Grocery Shop Like a Cardiologist

Many of us vowed to eat more healthfully in the new year but, one month later, are still struggling to take that first step. Here are some grocery store guidelines to reduce the amount of Read More

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Follow the 80–20 Rule

If you’re well, you want your diet to be mostly whole, natural foods, and mostly plants, 80 percent of the time. I’m talking vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes—preferably organic. Animal food should be a condiment. Read More

Eating Matters

Healthy Eating Ideas for a Hectic Autumn

Healthy Eating Ideas for a Hectic Autumn (Family Features) When the pace of family life gets busy, it seems easier than ever to forgo healthy eating plans, and the hectic autumn season is a big Read More

Eating Matters


Chronic disease has become widespread in the United States during the past several decades, and it shows in our national healthcare spending—nearly 86 percent of healthcare dollars goes to treating chronic disease like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, Read More

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