Eating Matters

Grocery Shop Like a Cardiologist

Many of us vowed to eat more healthfully in the new year but, one month later, are still struggling to take that first step. Here are some grocery store guidelines to reduce the amount of Read More

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Resolve to Make Your Lunchbox Healthier

(Family Features) It’s the perfect time of year for families to get back on track and pack a lunchbox so their kids can eat healthy lunches for the remainder of the school year. (Family Features) Read More

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Comfort Food to Beat the Winter Blues

(Family Features) When the temperature drops, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of simple and delicious comfort food. Instead of letting the winter chill get you down, warm your body and heart with dishes that Read More

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Serving Up an Easy Holiday Brunch

(Family Features) Serving up brunch is never better than during the holidays, when friends and family gather together to celebrate the best moments of the season. You’ll have plenty of time to join in the Read More


Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

 (Family Features) Certain flavors are synonymous with fall, and pumpkin spice tops the list. Dozens of seasonal products now feature everyone’s favorite fall flavor, but if your inner chef is calling, it’s easier than ever Read More


Taste the Rainbow

Eating a rainbow of vibrant colors is about consuming nature’s full spectrum of nutrients. Take a look around your farmers’ market or the produce aisle of your grocery store and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a handful Read More

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Sweets for the Fall

Bring Autumn Colors to Spiced Sweets (Family Features) Cooler temperatures, beautiful changing leaves and the familiar scent of pumpkin pie spice are all signs of fall. Whether you’re hosting a pumpkin carving party or decorating Read More

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