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Reasons to Eat your Broccoli

Love it or hate it, broccoli is touted as a superfood, offering an array of health benefits. And it’s about to get even more super. University of Illinois researchers have identified candidate genes controlling the Read More


Walnuts For a Healthy Gut

Research led by Lauri Byerley, PhD, RD, Research Associate Professor of Physiology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has found that walnuts in the diet change the makeup of bacteria in the gut, Read More


Are You Eating at the Right Time?

A new high-precision feeding system for lab mice reinforces the idea that when you are eating is more critical to weight loss than the amount of calories ingested. Mice on a reduced calorie plan that Read More

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Protein Power

(Family Features) Anything is possible when you have the energy to take on the day. Protein shakes have grown in popularity because they’re a convenient and healthy way to curb hunger and give your body Read More


Good Eats with Grapes

(Family Features) Heart-healthy foods can play a role in healthy aging. Whether you enjoy them by the handful as a refreshing snack or use them to add color, crunch and a touch of sweetness to Read More


12 Healthy Snacks With 200 Calories or Less

Snacks are small, quick mini-meals. 94% of Americans snack every day. Eaten between meals, snacks help keep you full. Including a protein-source with your snack (such as nuts, beans, or low-fat or fat-free dairy) or Read More


Can a Tomato Fight Cancer?

A new study shows that whole tomato extracts from two different Southern Italy cultivars inhibit gastric cancer cell growth and malignant features, paving the way for future studies aimed at implementing lifestyle habits not only Read More

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