Almond Craze

The almond is a perfect example of a food best eaten raw due to its nutritional benefits and the plethora of ways to eat this tiny pseudo-nut. Botanically speaking, almonds are considered seeds, not nuts—they Read More


You Can’t Stop the Beet

The beet, part of the Chenopodiaceae family, shows a number of health benefits not available in other food families. Betalains are the phytonutrients that give beets their distinctive red color—they provide beet eaters with antioxidant, Read More


Grapefruit: Tangy Protection for Your Heart

Tart and tangy, with a sweet, citrus finish—a good grapefruit has all the aesthetic appeal of a fine wine. And it’s no lightweight in the nutrition department: A small pink grapefruit has about 97 calories, Read More


Totally Turmeric

A bright yellow spice found in the root of the Curcuma longa plant, turmeric has been touted as a powerful anti-inflammatory for centuries. Used in both ancient Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, the spice Read More


What About Walnuts?

With a history just as rich as its taste, the walnut has existed for centuries—but do you know all the ways it can benefit your body? Snack on them raw, or try adding these nuts Read More


3 Cheers for Chocolate

You have probably heard the hype that chocolate—when eaten in moderation—actually offers the body a vast array of health benefits. This is great news, right? You have yet another reason to eat your favorite treat, Read More


Chicory: A Bitter Green

Most commonly eaten in a mixed-green salad, chicory is a bitter-tasting green that is divided into three varieties: radicchio, sugarloaf, and Belgian endive. The Radicchio variety has variegated red and green leaves and is commonly Read More


Why You Should Be Eating Cantaloupe

When you’re sitting at a restaurant and you order the fruit cup to accompany your sandwich—don’t dismiss the little orange cubes at the bottom of the dish so quickly. The cantaloupe—a highly underrated fruit—offers an Read More


Purslane: The Omega-3 Wonder

Amidst the highways, road signs, gardens, and orchards lies a plant that seems to thrive no matter the condition. Most would mistake it as a weed that never seems to give up, but the trained Read More

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