Is Arsenic in Chicken Feed Safe?

Roxarsone (3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid, “Rox”) is a common feed supplement that is only slightly toxic to those animals that have been tested. However, we do not yet have enough knowledge about which arsenic-containing metabolites are found Read More


Your Muscles Can ‘Taste’ Sugar

Researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute have uncovered an unexpected mechanism of glucose sensing in skeletal muscles that contributes to the body’s overall regulation of blood sugar levels. “We found that skeletal Read More


Chili Pepper and Marijuana

Touch a chili pepper to your mouth and you feel heat. And biochemically, you aren’t wrong. The capsaicin chemical in the pepper binds to a receptor that triggers a nerve that fires off to your Read More


Build A Better Salad

Want to boost brain health or eat to beat cancer? Make yourself a salad. Beth Reardon, RD, LDN, at Duke Integrative Medicine, helps you customize your greens. Immune-boosting salad. Mix in either shiitake or maitake Read More


Veggies Keeps the Stress Blues Away

Psychological distress (stress) was measured using the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, a 10-item questionnaire measuring general anxiety and depression. Usual fruit and vegetable consumption was assessed using short validated questions. Key findings People who ate Read More


Cooking at Home Tonight?

“By cooking more often at home, you have a better diet at no significant cost increase, while if you go out more, you have a less healthy diet at a higher cost,” said Adam Drewnowski, Read More

Eating Matters

The Many Colors of Food

Food in it’s natural form comes in a variety of colors. Each food color has unique properties and tastes. Try eating a rainbow of colors and see how great it is to eat real food. Read More

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