Five Reasons to Eat More Shrimp

Foodies and families from coast to coast have a big reason to celebrate America’s favorite (and tastiest!) seafood. What started as the unofficial kickoff to shrimp season, National Shrimp Day, the annual holiday honoring America’s favorite seafood, has become a time to chillax and enjoy shrimp-sational dishes featuring the perfect protein.

Luckily for shrimp fans, SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co., the nation’s No. 1 shrimp brand in frozen specialty seafood, offers countless reasons to get your party on.  “For us, every day feels like National Shrimp Day, but we especially love the extra attention surrounding our products this time each year,” says Megan Grinstead, SeaPak’s Director of Marketing.  “It’s the perfect occasion to remind seafood lovers across the country just how great shrimp is.”

There are a lot of reasons shrimp gets its own day, but here are SeaPak’s top five reasons you should eat shrimp to your heart’s content on May 10:
  1. Shrimp is America’s favorite seafood.  Americans eat more shrimp than any other seafood!  In fact, of the 15.5 pounds of fish and shellfish consumed by the average American each year, shrimp accounts for 4 pounds, putting it at the very top of the list.
  2. Shrimp is an excellent way to get in your recommended seafood servings.  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends people eat seafood at least twice a week – a sentiment echoed by the American Heart Association, since shrimp is considered a plus for the circulatory system.
  3. Shrimp is a nutritional powerhouse.  Shrimp is low in calories and high in the good omega-3 fatty acids, as well as calcium, iron and protein.  These bite-sized morsels also contain vital amino acids and other key nutrients, including selenium, calcium, zinc, and potassium, not to mention vitamins A, E, B6 and B12.  The list of benefits goes on, since adding shrimp to your diet also promotes healthy muscle function and builds up your body’s immunities.
  4. Shrimp is easy to prepare.  Whether you prefer them baked, broiled, sautéed, fried or grilled, shrimp taste great no matter how they’re prepared.  “At SeaPak, our goal is to create flavorful, versatile products that help families chillax,” Grinstead explains.  “No matter what the occasion, shrimp is the ultimate no-fuss option to prepare – it takes the guesswork out of mealtime and frees you up to do more of what you enjoy.”
  5. Shrimp is a tasty addition to just about any recipe.  Whether you’re opting for casual and easy or seeking to dress up the dinner menu, shrimp can turn any dish into a meal to remember.  One way to impress your taste buds this National Shrimp Day is to try a taste of SeaPak’s Tangy Lemon Pepper Shrimp, an easy-to-make recipe that’s guaranteed to hit the mark with everyone at your table.

Tangy Lemon Pepper Shrimp
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Cook Time:  25 minutes
Servings:  4

1 package (12 ounces) of SeaPak Shrimp Scampi
½ pound angel hair pasta, dry
1 package frozen broccoli (no sauce)
1 teaspoon lemon pepper
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
½ cup dry white wine

Prepare shrimp scampi according to package directions and keep shrimp warm.
Cook pasta according to package directions, until noodles are al dente or soft.  Drain noodles when done and return them to pot.
Defrost broccoli in microwave according to package directions.  Drain broccoli.
Add shrimp and broccoli to pre-heated skillet.
In small bowl, whisk together lemon pepper, Dijon mustard and white wine.  Pour mixture over shrimp and broccoli.  Stir well to incorporate all ingredients.  Simmer for 3-4 minutes.
Toss shrimp and broccoli with pasta and serve.

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