Five Reasons to Eat More Apples

Not only do Apples come in their own packaging – meaning you can eat the skin – they are also full of healthy nutrients. The skin is full of fiber, but it is important to Read More


Diabetics Should Avoid These Beverages

For as long as artificial sweeteners have existed, people have been warned about their supposed health risks such as cancer. While these claims are  routinely  debunked as nothing more than junk science, some research—including a new Read More


Five Foods Every Diabetic Should Eat

Many conventional diabetes diets rely on meat or grains as the major calorie source. However, these strategies have serious drawbacks. High-nutrient, low glycemic load (GL) foods are the optimal foods for diabetics, and these foods Read More

avocado on a cutting board

Avocados Combat Metabolic Syndrome

A new review investigates the effects of avocados on different components of metabolic syndrome, which is a clustering of risk factors including high blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and body mass index. These risk factors Read More


Eat Your Carbs Last

(Reuters Health) – Saving the bread or other carbs for last at mealtime could help people with diabetes keep their blood sugar under control, new research suggests. People with type 2 diabetes who ate protein Read More

Eating Matters

Time to rethink your vegetable oil?

Leaner bodies, less risk of heart disease and diabetes found in people with higher levels of linoleic acid Risk of heart disease and diabetes may be lowered by a diet higher in a lipid found Read More

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