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Rebalance Your Diet

(Family Features) Striking a balance between work and home life, friends and family, and hobbies and errands can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. As you look to rebalance certain aspects of your life during the Read More


Does Good-Tasting Food Cause Weight Gain?

Does eating good-tasting food make you gain weight? Despite the common perception that good-tasting food is unhealthy and causes obesity, new research from the Monell Center using a mouse model suggests that desirable taste in Read More


Egg-cellent News for Dieters

Before you start yet another diet du jour, consider this: Eating two eggs a day for breakfast helps you lose 65 percent more weight and gain more energy than a bagel of equal calories, says Read More


The Healing Power of… Kale?

Americans are getting heavier—rates of obesity have doubled in the last 30 years—and along with that comes an epidemic of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. This is quite clearly connected with our modern culinary proclivities Read More


Eat to Beat the Blues

Do you ever wonder why you can’t resist the urge to overdo it on unhealthy foods when you’re feeling down? Turns out there’s a physiological reason we eat too much bread, ice cream, and other Read More


Cutting Calories May Support Memory

Ever notice how brain fog seems to set in after a huge meal? Apparently, this may be just a hint of the internal trouble brewing when we overeat. New research suggests that the higher the Read More

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