6 Cozy Breakfast Essentials for Fall

(Family Features) As leaves fall and temperatures cool, put a comforting twist on breakfast classics like oats and pancakes by incorporating autumn flavors from delicious fall harvest. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, enjoying Read More

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How Much Dairy Do I Need?

The Dairy Group includes milk, yogurt, cheese, and fortified soymilk. They provide calcium, vitamin D, potassium, protein, and other nutrients needed for good health throughout life. Choices should be low-fat or fat-free—to cut calories and saturated Read More

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Milk-The Original Farm-to-Table Food

(Family Features) Milk is one of the original local, farm-to-table foods. It’s a product from farm families who care about their cows. In fact, 97 percent of dairy farms are still family owned and operated – Read More

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Impress guests with elegant appetizers

(Family Features) Bringing an element of elegance to your holiday celebration is easy when you start with appetizers that use party-pleasing ingredients, and great tasting food often starts with dairy. Foods like milk, cheese and Read More

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Do My Kids Need Milk?

Why Kids Need Protein and How Milk Can Help (Family Features) Making sure kids eat nutritious meals is often a parent’s top priority. Moms know good nutrition is essential for their child’s health, since developing Read More


Kids: A New Way to Stand Tall

Move over, milk—or at least make room for a newcomer to the table. New research suggests that fruits and vegetables may also play an important role in keeping children’s bones strong. That’s great news for Read More

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