Brain Food in Your Diet

As we age we can easily see how some body parts don’t quite act as they did when we were younger. We know that by eating well and exercising we can maintain or build muscle Read More

wild salmon

Salmon: Fishing for Your Health

Salmon is a very abundant source of an antioxidant trace metal known as selenium. George Mateljan, award-winning author of The World’s Healthiest Foods, writes that this mineral is necessary for the proper function of glutathione Read More

Eating Matters

Time to rethink your vegetable oil?

Leaner bodies, less risk of heart disease and diabetes found in people with higher levels of linoleic acid Risk of heart disease and diabetes may be lowered by a diet higher in a lipid found Read More

Eating Matters

Decoding the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet was once a fad, but is now one of the most popular ways of eating to promote optimal health. Once thought of as close cousins with the Atkins craze and the South Beach diet, Read More


Purslane: The Omega-3 Wonder

Amidst the highways, road signs, gardens, and orchards lies a plant that seems to thrive no matter the condition. Most would mistake it as a weed that never seems to give up, but the trained Read More