Chopped Purple Power Salad

This “miracle salad” is packed with 6 superfoods (kale, quinoa, walnuts, chickpeas, honey, and Greek yogurt). The miracle is that the author’s 4-year-old declared the dish to be her new “most favorite food EVER” and Read More


Papaya: Discover the key to overall health

The sweet tropical fruit papaya—known as pawpaw in other cultures— is one of the healthiest fruits and a wonderful superfood. With its sweet and aromatic undertones and soft, butter-like consistency, there’s no question as to Read More


Kale: The New Beef

To say that kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet may be an understatement. Why else would it be dubbed “the new beef,” “queen of the greens,” or a “nutritional powerhouse”? Celebrities Read More


Local Rules: This Year in Superfoods

There was a lot to like in the food projections at the beginning of this year. After perusing many different sources some distinct commonalities emerged—simple, healthy, farm-to-fork, hyper-local sourcing, and sustainability all rang out resoundingly Read More

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