End Your Weekends Right with #SaladSunday

What better way to end a weekend than to throw together a salad for dinner? #SaladSunday is the way to do it! It’s a great way to make Sunday dinners quicker and tastier. To celebrate the joy of #SaladSunday and encourage creativity in the kitchen, throughout the month of May Earthbound Farm is sharing inspirational organic salad themes each week. Themes like “Global Greens” and “Have Salad Will Travel” are shown in recipes created by some of the web’s most beloved food bloggers, as well as fan-favorite, homegrown Earthbound Farm recipes. Think Steak and Egg Breakfast Salad and Kale Italia Panzanella Salad.

Want to win a one-year supply of organic salad?
In addition to sharing unique and fun new salad recipes, Earthbound Farm is giving at-home chefs the opportunity to join in on the fun. Earthbound Farm has opened up its #SaladSunday Pinterest board so salad lovers everywhere can share their favorite salad creations. Pinning also means the chance to win a Salad Sunday Gift Pack, including a one-year supply of Earthbound Farm organic salad! Entries will be accepted in May through the Salad Sunday website: http://www.earthboundfarm.com/salad-sunday

Why salad for supper?
Gathering over a delicious salad is a happy and healthy way to end the week. Plus, salads are an easy way to prepare a quick and delectable dinner.

  • Salad creativity in the kitchen is the perfect way to wind down from the weekend and gear up for a great week ahead
  • #SaladSunday embraces the idea of kick starting the week with a big helping of fresh veggies—and when you start your salad with organic greens, you’re choosing ingredients grown without GMOs or conventional agricultural chemicals
  • Great for families! Kids can get in on the fun, helping to prepare recipes or coming up with their own unique #SaladSunday creations

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