Trick Your Treats

I’m determined not to get into a power struggle this year with candy or my kids. I’m pretty good at resisting candy corn, but my kids tend to give me the eye roll when I try to make their Halloween more healthy. So here’s my latest ideas on how to avoid the fights and ditch the sugar.


1.      Give out gluten-free treats, like mini Kind bars or Justin’s individually wrapped almond butter.

2.      Strap on your pedometer and tutu and go for an extra long trick-or-treat walk with the kids. Go further in your ‘hood than you did the last few years. If you don’t have kids, volunteer to take your neighbors of nieces out on the town.

3.      Throw out the candy on November 1. Eighty percent of stimulation – the type that burns through your will power – is visual. Get that sh%t out of your visual field. (If your kids refuse, they probably have a sugar addiction. Pay them a quarter per piece of candy and make them do the math. Then toss it after you confirm “buy in”.)


SARA GOTTFRIED, M.D. is the New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure. After graduating from the physician-scientist training program at Harvard Medical School and MIT

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