The Worst Meals You Can Order Out

Courtney Chapman, a waitress dressed as a nurse at the Heart Attack Grill, holds up a triple bypass burger Friday, Dec. 1, 2006 in Tempe, Ariz. The waitresses at the restaurant, who wear minimal nurses attire, have angered a group of real Arizona nurses who say the servers demean their profession. (AP Photo/Matt York)

We have an extreme obesity problem in America. This can be illustrated by a recent survey that The Center For Science in Public Interest published in July. This is an annual list of the most unhealthy meals served by restaurants.

Following are just a few of the 2017 Xtreme Eating Award winners.  To put these nutritional nightmares into context, a day’s worth of calories is 2,000, a day’s worth of sodium is 2,300 milligrams, a day’s worth of saturated fat is 20 grams, and a day’s worth of added sugar is 50 grams. So remember the numbers listed below each meal is just for that meal.

Least Original Breakfast

IHOP offers “the kind of meal you can’t get anywhere else, not even at home,” says the chain’s website.

Well, you could make the Cheeseburger Omelette at home. But which genius at IHOP thought of adorning eggs with hamburger patty pieces, hash browns, tomatoes, onions, American cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles?

With a side of 3 Buttermilk Pancakes (plus butter and 2 tablespoons of syrup), it’s like eating four McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffins drizzled with 2 tablespoons of syrup.

And all before lunch!

Worst Adapted Pasta

“How can we turn a meat lover’s pizza into a pasta?” asked Donald Moore, Chief Culinary Officer at The Cheesecake Factory, in a Facebook Live video in March.

That head-scratching challenge inspired the chain’s new Pasta Napoletana, which piles Italian sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, and bacon on pasta that’s been greased with butter and cream.

As it turns out, it is like eating a Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Personal Pan Pizza…as long as you top the pizza with three cups of pasta and a cup of heavy cream.

Check with your waiter for a list of nearby cardiac care units.

Most Damage from a Supporting Vegetable

“We provide larger portions so you get more food for your dollar,” says Texas Roadhouse.

More, indeed. The massive 16 oz. Prime Rib alone has 1,570 calories. And one of the possible sides—you get your choice of two—is a real humdinger. For an extra 99¢, the Loaded Sweet Potato (770 calories) buries the tuber under a pile of mini marshmallows and caramel sauce. Congrats. You just turned your side dish into dessert!

Add a Caesar salad as your second side, and it’s like eating two of the chain’s 12 oz. New York strip steak dinners (with mashed potatoes and vegetables), plus a slice of strawberry cheesecake.

And that doesn’t include the all-you-can-eat peanuts, rolls, and butter offered to all Roadhouse patrons.

To see the complete list of meals selected visit the website of The Center For Science in Public Interest.

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